Tufts Dining Duel

March 18, 2016

A Comp 20: Web Programming project to compare the quality of the food at the dining halls on a given day.

Tufts students often have trouble deciding whether to eat at Carmichael or Dewick-Macphie dining hall. Dining Duel makes the choice easy, with a compiled cumulative score for each dining hall.

We make it easy to decide on the right place to go, by compiling a cumulative score for each dining hall at a specific meal. We will use a database and server-side score-compilation algorithms to create scores between Tufts’ two dining halls.

Geolocation, which will factor into the calculation for a cumulative score Server-side database (MongoDB), to keep track of food items, the photo, the number of upvotes/downvotes, and the date on which the votes were made. A front-end web framework (Bootstrap), in order to make our site mobile-friendly Screen scraping, in order to collect menu items for the day in order to compile our score. Features Vegetarian popup option on page load. Displays weight bar for quality of food in either dining hall Upvoting and downvoting for each food item, which is then saved to our database Displays current vote totals for each food item

Unfortunately, the code is hosted in a private Github repo right now. Please email me if you would like access to the code.

Status: In development.

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